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Sugar Addiction: 5 Shocking Sugar Facts

Did you know that sugar is the #1 additive used in our country’s food today, beating out all other 2600 additives combined? Nowadays sugar is being added to practically everything from baby food to pasta sauce. And for good reason. Sugar makes us love our food more and eat more of it as a result. Yes, we are an addicted nation and suffering health consequences on account of it.

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5 Ways Sugar Addiction is Ruining Your Health

Apple Jack’s, PixyStix, Mary Jane’s and Fireballs. Am I dating myself? My favorite sweets were constant companions growing up. And it didn’t end with childhood. Sugar binges were frequent in high school and college. Friday nights were all about brownies and Hagen Daz in front of the T.V. and it was standard for me to buy 5 candy bars to carry me through a late night of cramming for finals.

My sugar addiction started young, and it progressed pretty quickly, in spite of my weak stomach. I used to spend late Sunday nights bent over the toilet on account of my weekend sugar binges. I eventually trained my stomach to be able to handle the junk I fed it, and I was off to the races, packing on 50 extra pounds by age 20.

I couldn’t eat just one of anything and it showed. But I never knew I was actually addicted until I learned about sugar addiction; until someone actually taught me about all the kinds of sugar that were in everyday foods I was eating, even when I was trying to be “good:” Foods like Special K, low-fat salad dressing and pasta sauce. With all the sugar that was in the “good” foods I was eating, I didn’t stand a chance.

Nowadays there is so much more information about sugar addiction that it’s finally recognized as a real problem. But because sugar is so seductively dressed up in so many lovely and delicious ways, it’s easy to forget how destructive it really is.

Just so we have a shot at changing the tide of the sugar epidemic, let’s take a look at just how sugar is wreaking havoc on our bodies and our lives:

1. Tired of being sick?

One can of soda can decrease your immunity defense by 25%; one piece of apple pie a la mode can weaken your immunity by 85%. That means that when you binge on sugar your body is far more vulnerable to getting sick. If you are often sick it’s probably not by chance, how much sugar is in your diet?

2. Got tooth decay?

The bacteria in our mouth uses sugar create substances that erode our teeth, including acid which corrodes the protective enamel. If you are shelling out a lot of dough at the dentist, your sugar intake may be the cause.

3. Did someone say obesity epidemic?

Sugars are no more caloric than starch or protein but because you can pack a lot of sugar calories into a small amount of food, you end up eating more of it before you get full. Overeating not only leads to obesity but also increases the risk of onset diabetes.

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[Move Review] Silver Lining’s Playbook: Lessons of Love, Hope and Family

This past weekend we saw a movie that matters. It’s a story that includes little pieces of all of us, and takes us on a journey of healing that is not to be missed. Silver Linings Playbook is a movie that reveals the human idiosyncrasies that cause our pain and works out the kinks along the way, even if only to bring us to a place of loving of those kinks.

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Is FEAR a four-letter word?

Do you feel anxious when in social situations? When somebody doesn’t immediately return your phone call do you think the worst…that they don’t want to talk to you are have had an accident? Do you check behind the shower curtain or the closet when you come home at night, making sure no one is hiding there?

I think calling fear a four-letter word would be too kind, don’t you? After all, fear is the root cause of most negative behaviors of human beings.

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Lessons From Our Grandchildren

Last week Roy and I had the pleasure of having two of our grandkids (my step-grandkids) visit us here in LA. Ages 20 and 13, these two delightful kids blessed us with their humor, their music playlists, and their unknowing wisdom.

The wisdom part was a surprise; after all, how could young kids be so wise?

Well, what I observed over the course of the weekend was that these kids were unfettered by the typical self-editing, self-conscious, and self-denying habits of adults.

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Love and Business Part 2

Love and Business - The Nelson Center for Emotional HealingFamily businesses are complex and powerful organisms. They live and breathe and produce amazing products and services for the world to enjoy and function better. My husband, Roy Nelson, and I share the experience of having overcome debilitating addictions as well as a passion for helping others do the same. Our work, The Nelson Method, comprises these principles of self-care, love, and respect. These are the principles that have given us health and recovery, a happy, long-term relationship, and a business that serves others. I would love to think that these same principles can help any family business thrive:

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Lessons of Love and Business: Co-Founders of The Nelson Center Share Their Secrets to Sustainability

tricia greaves nelson and roy nelsonRecently I was asked to write about the experience of being in business with my husband and the complexities involved. The problem is I’ve never given much thought to what makes Roy’s and my relationship really tick. We just seem to do what we do and at times it not only ticks, but actually hums.  At other times of course, the batteries seem fully drained and there’s no tick at all! Fortunately, just as a broken clock is right at least twice a day, so too have things have always seemed to work out between us.

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